Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My cousin, Owen

Here's a picture of my cousin Owen. Owen lives about an hour away from my house. I hardly get to see Owen much. He snores a lot when he sleeps. His Mom and Dad are Kenny and Suzette. They treat Owen real nice and sometimes they spoil him, but you could never tell it. He is built real close to the ground and he wobbles a little when he walks. Owen is a real good fella!

This is a picture of my Mommy. Isn't she cute in her blue rain suit? She will probably get a little upset with me for this picture, but I think she looks real cute. Mommy looks cute no matter what she wears. Her and Dad like to go on little trips on their Harley. Dad calls it a Hog, but I've seen pictures of hogs before and that doesn't look like any hogs I've seen. I miss Mom and Dad when they leave on these trips. I don't know if they just like to get away for a couple of days or enjoy getting a away from me and the cats. Nah....I'm sure they miss me when they're gone (not so sure about the cats though) and I really miss them.

Hey, you've seen pictures of the spoiled cats, Me, Mom, Eric, Grandma Chickie, my cousins, and my red neck friends. But you haven't seen Amber and Scott yet. Well, here they are. What a great looking couple! They are getting married on July 11th and we are all so excited. We can not wait to have Scott become a part of our big family. He fits right in and we love him. We are so very happy for the two of them and we know they will enjoy spending the rest of their life growing old together. Just like Mom and Dad do. (not that Mom & Dad are old by any means) Scott & Amber spent last weekend on a get away with friends and we can't wait to see the pictures. Check out Amber's new blog here: http://www.avocado-owlet.blogspot.com/

So long everyone, maybe next time I'll post a picture of my Dad. He is quite an adventurous sort of a man. I'm sure I can find a real manly picture of him to post. It seems that most of his photos are that way........ until then, "Don't forget to hug a dog."


  1. Annie...Let me know if you can't find a manly picture of Dad. I am sure I can locate one or two. Can't wait to see you and hug you tomorrow!!

  2. Nice shot of the Harley. I have a '05 Softail. My wife used to ride, but is a little scared of it now. Thanks for the comment on the Buy Boat. A true relic of the Chesapeake Bay.

  3. Larry,
    Do you reconize the gal next to the harley? That is my wife, Catherine, ie: Catherine Folk Art.
    Have a good one........