Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My cousin, Owen

Here's a picture of my cousin Owen. Owen lives about an hour away from my house. I hardly get to see Owen much. He snores a lot when he sleeps. His Mom and Dad are Kenny and Suzette. They treat Owen real nice and sometimes they spoil him, but you could never tell it. He is built real close to the ground and he wobbles a little when he walks. Owen is a real good fella!

This is a picture of my Mommy. Isn't she cute in her blue rain suit? She will probably get a little upset with me for this picture, but I think she looks real cute. Mommy looks cute no matter what she wears. Her and Dad like to go on little trips on their Harley. Dad calls it a Hog, but I've seen pictures of hogs before and that doesn't look like any hogs I've seen. I miss Mom and Dad when they leave on these trips. I don't know if they just like to get away for a couple of days or enjoy getting a away from me and the cats. Nah....I'm sure they miss me when they're gone (not so sure about the cats though) and I really miss them.

Hey, you've seen pictures of the spoiled cats, Me, Mom, Eric, Grandma Chickie, my cousins, and my red neck friends. But you haven't seen Amber and Scott yet. Well, here they are. What a great looking couple! They are getting married on July 11th and we are all so excited. We can not wait to have Scott become a part of our big family. He fits right in and we love him. We are so very happy for the two of them and we know they will enjoy spending the rest of their life growing old together. Just like Mom and Dad do. (not that Mom & Dad are old by any means) Scott & Amber spent last weekend on a get away with friends and we can't wait to see the pictures. Check out Amber's new blog here: http://www.avocado-owlet.blogspot.com/

So long everyone, maybe next time I'll post a picture of my Dad. He is quite an adventurous sort of a man. I'm sure I can find a real manly picture of him to post. It seems that most of his photos are that way........ until then, "Don't forget to hug a dog."

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy and Fun Day

Here's a picture of Eric and his new Dell laptop. He will graduate next Saturday and he will earn his Master's Degree in European History. Way to go Eric, we are all so proud of you. He is hoping to go to Spain in August and teach over there for a couple of semesters. We also celebrated his 25th birthday, as well as Grandma Doris's xx birthday. Dad cooked out on the grill and it was fun seeing everyone. Our dear friend Linda also stopped by for a visit. It was such a nice day out. I spent some time outside on the deck, doing one of my favorite things. Making mulch.............

Making mulch is such a hard job. It really wears me out form all of the physical labor involved in this type of activity. I usually try to rest a little after working like this.

Here I am walking everyone to the gate as they left for the day. Mom and Aunt Patti gave Grandma Doris a ride home. Grandma couldn't stay too late, as she had to get home and check on cousin Boo. If you remember, Boo has been sick and had to spend some time in the Doggie Hospital. He is feeling a lot better now. (Thanks Dr. Pete) Boo has to eat special food and take it easy for a while.

Mom took the camera to get a couple of pictures of Boo. I am so happy that he is feeling much better. Boo likes it out on the deck also. He likes to lay in the sun and soak in some rays.

This is his favorite position to relax in. I think he looks like a miniature bear rug myself. I can't get this flat. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I sure did. Don't forget to hug a dog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First time for everthing

Well, I never thought it would happen. In a past blog I mentioned that Callie is always taking a nap on my bed. Since I am a little scarred of Callie, I always go and get Dad and make him get Callie off my bed. This happened again the other day and I went and got Dad to make Callie leave. Dad followed me into the bedroom and what Dad did next shocked me. Dad looked at me and said " Annie, don't be scared of that little cat, get over there and just crawl in your bed next to her." Well, I could not believe my ears, Dad would always just make her leave and go get into her bed. I mean, I never lay in Callie's bed and why is she always in mine?. And then Dad just walked out of the room. Well, I never......... I paced back and forth for a little while and I could see that she was not going to budge. I slowly crept onto my bed. Callie raised one eye and gave me that look. I gently laid down and she didn't even as much hiss at me. I laid there for a few seconds and before I knew it I had dozed off. We both had a nice nap for a couple of hours. I guess Dad came back in and took this picture of us sharing my bed. Maybe she isn't so bad after all.

I want to ask all to say a prayer for my little cousin, Boo. He is in the doggie hospital tonight and is real sick. I sure hope he is feeling better tomorrow. He has been sick off and on for a few weeks and I worry about him.
Dad and I went for another walk tonight and I got to spend most of the day outside in the beautiful sun. It was a good day for me. Take care and don't forget to hug a dog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some of my Redneck Friends

Here's a picture of Delmar, Earl & Junior. They live down the road a spell. They're good folk. Their idea of a good time is a 12 pack of Natural Light and watching "Blue Color Comedy Tour" on the Comedy Channel. I will say this, if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be so interested in NASCAR. I love watching NASCAR races. I can't imagine chasing one of those cars.

Today I got to spend most of the day outside as it was real nice out. I also went for a walk with Dad after he got home from work. That is always fun. I get to visit some of the neighborhood dogs on our walks.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I looked like just a few years ago before I lost my left eye. This was a good day. It was Christmas Day 2002 and I was sitting right next to Grandpa Tom (Mom's Daddy). Grandpa Tom was such a sweet, gentle man and he loved me so much. He also loved watching NASCAR on TV. His favorite driver was Jeff Gordon. I root for Jimmie Johnson myself.
Grandpa Tom and Grandma Ruby (Dad's Mommy) are always looking down upon us and watching out for our family. They are both in a much better place now. I sure do miss Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Tom. They both left us way too soon.
Please remember to hug a dog.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Art, a good movie and Grandma Chickie

This is one of my favorite paintings. I wanted to share this with everyone. Dad and I went for a walk tonight after him & Mom got back from visiting Grandma Chickie. Grandma Chickie is our Grandma that is 98 years old (that's people years). She still lives by herself on the farm. Mom and Dad go out to visit and they take dinner. Mom always fixes good food and usually a dessert to take out. Grandma loves her sweets. Grandma lives with her dog, Shelby. Shelby was adopted from a real prison. She actually lived with the prisoners and was trained by the inmates. Shelby is a sweet dog and keeps Grandma good company. Grandma got her name because she used to raise chickens and sell eggs on the farm. Here's a picture of Shelby and Grandma Chickie.

Tonight we watched a good movie. It was a tear-jerker. Mom, Dad & I watched Marley & Me. I love dog movies. This one was kinda sad. I have come to the decision that us dogs are not on this planet long enough. We must make the most of what time we have to be with our owners and they must do the same with us. And remember: Don't let a day go by that you don't hug a dog.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love my little Duckie

Here's a pic of me and my little Duckie. I feel safe when I'm with it. Last night I had a bad night. We had alot of thunder and lighting. I don't like thunder and lighting. It makes me nervous. When I finally calm down and I can relax, I like to use my little Duckie for a pillow. My dad, Rick stayed up with me during the night while it was storming. That makes me feel better. With another day of rain, Rick and I are watching baseball again. I have been resting most of the day after all of the trauma from last night.
I had promised to show a picture of Callie. If you remember, she's the one that thinks she owns this place around here. She gives me fits. Just to be rude, she will sit next to my water bowl. She knows that I am a little scared of her. I know she does this just to keep me from getting a drink of water. Sometimes she will go and sleep on my bed. This really ticks me off. I have to go and get my Dad to make her get off of it so I can nap. Did I mention that I love to nap. That's one of my favorite things to do.

Well, I hope that all had a good weekend. Amber & Scott will be here soon and I will visit with them. Eric didn't get to come home from college as he is still a little under the weather.
Until next time............Don't forget to hug a Dog!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another day, another dog biscuit

Today is a lazy day for me. Come to think of it, most days are that way. It is raining today off and on. I'm not real crazy about going out in the rain. I do enjoy looking out the window when I hear someone outside. The cats are usually in this window seat sleeping. I think they do that just to keep me from looking out.

Here is Bailey napping in the window seat. I get along pretty good with Bailey, but Callie is a different story. She's always hissing at me. Callie thinks she owns this place around here. She has more seniority than Bailey or myself. It's hard to believe that Callie and Bailey are sisters. They are as different as night and day.
Maybe in the next day or two I will post a picture of Callie. I really hate to give her much attention. She gets enough as it is. She's so spoiled.

Rick and I are staying in today, just chilin' and watching baseball on TV. He likes baseball. We play catch when it is nice outside. Right now, there is new grass seed planted in my back yard. Those areas are off limits to me for a while. I get to go on the leash and go on the outside of my fenced in back yard. That's always fun to go for walks. I do have a little arthritis on my right hip, but I tuff it out when we walk.

Amber and Scott are coming over tomorrow. That is always fun, I like seeing them. Amber gives me hugs. Eric was suppose to come over as well tomorrow, however he called and is not feeling very well today. Bummer, I was wanting to see him too. I hope he gets better and can come over. He receives his Master's Degree on May 2nd. We are all proud of him. Keep checking back for pics of Amber, Scott, Eric and oh yeah, Callie - the grumpy cat. Hug a dog today!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting to know me.......

Hello all, this is my first attempt at this sort of thing. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 49 year old (7 people years) Catahoula. The picture here is of me when I was just a pup. I was 7 months old when I moved in with my owners. I am happy to say I was adopted. They had been without a dog for a little while. The dogs that lived with them before me were a Black Lab and a Yorkie. Yorkies are OK, but they sometimes drive me crazy, always yapping. I was found wondering around a busy interstate and taken to a shelter. I was picked up by the doggie police and booked. Rick, one of my owners saw my picture online and came to visit me. He didn't tell my other owner, Catherine about me for a couple of days. Rick would stop in to see me for a few days in a row and then finally took me home. I guess you could say I was just too cute and he gave in or he finally got permission from Catherine. I'm glad they did. I have it pretty good here and Rick and I play together a bunch. So I have no complaints. I enjoy the time I get to spend with my owners kids as well. Amber spoils me all the time. She brings me stuffed animals to play with and Eric is away at college. I miss seeing him. He comes home from time to time and we lay on the floor together and watch TV. Well, my paws are getting a little tired from all of this typing. I will tell you more about my life in my next upcoming posts. Take care and don't forget to hug a dog.