Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Way to go Eric!

Amber and Eric

This past weekend, Eric received his Masters. It was 10 years and 1 day to the date from when his sister, Amber graduated from the same school. Northwest Missouri State University.....Go Bearcats! We are so very proud of both. Now, it's off to the work world. He is waiting to hear about his trip to Spain to teach for a couple of semesters. He would leave this October. He's real excited about this trip.
This is a picture of Eric and his friend Susan. They have know each other for several years. It was a happy day for both. Congrats Susan. I, myself, didn't get to go to the graduation, however I did attend the graduation party last weekend.

Well, I had promised a "Manly" photo of Dad. Well, here it is. He was breaking broncos at the early age of three years old. Hope everyone is having a good week. Don't forget all the Mother's this Sunday.

Most of all...........don't forget to hug a dog!

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